Allowance to support the job maintenance - § 50k

The Office may provide an allowance to support the job maintenance to the employer, who maintained jobs in the case of ongoing serious operational purposes specified in the written agreement with the representatives of employees pursuant to which the employer, after agreement with the Office, will limit the activity so that the employer shall not assign the work to the employees in the scope of minimum 6 % and maximum 20 % of the determined weekly work hours, three months before presenting the request for allowance.  

The allowance is not provided for support of job maintenance of an employee, for which the allowance for his/her job was already provided for the same period as follows: 

  • allowance for support of employment of disadvantaged job seeker,
  • allowance for support of local and regional development, 
  • allowance for job maintenance of a person with health handicap,
  • Allowance for settlement of operational costs of  sheltered workshop or sheltered workstation and for settlement of cost for transport of employees. 

Monthly allowance amount is 50 % of the salary compensation provided to en employee, maximum 50 % of average salary of an employee in the economy of the Slovak Republic for the first up to third quarter of the calendar year preceding the calendar year, in which the allowance is provided.

The allowance is provided pursuant to a written agreement related to allowance provision concluded between the Office and the employer. The allowance is provided to the employer by the Office, in the territory of which the employer maintains the jobs, if the employer requests the allowance in writing.  Written agreement with representatives of employees, implementation plan to remove the limitations of operational activity and declaration about expected date of finish of transition period is a part of the allowance request. 

The allowance is provided for the period of maximum 12 months. The allowance is provided for days, in which the employee received the salary compensation, in maximum 60 days, if the agreement related to allowance provision was concluded for the period of 12 months.  If the agreement related to allowance provision was concluded for shorter period than 12 months, sum of day amount, for which the allowance is provided, is to be reduced accordingly 

The employer shall not assign an employee, for the job of whom the Office provides the allowance, to any work at any user’s employer.

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